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The lifespan of COB light strips: unraveling the mystery of long-lasting lighting

Time:2023-07-22 Views:259
As an efficient lighting product, the lifespan of COB light strips is an important indicator that users often pay attention to when purchasing. The service life is not only related to product quality, but also closely related to correct use and maintenance. This article will delve into the service life of COB light strips and provide you with practical methods to extend the lifespan of lighting products.

The service life of COB light strips is usually determined by the lifespan of LED chips. High quality COB light strips use high-quality LED chips, and their lifespan can usually reach over 50000 hours. This means that if the COB light strip is used for about 8 hours per day, its service life can reach over 17 years. Compared to traditional lighting products, COB light strips have a longer lifespan, significantly reducing the frequency of lamp replacement and maintenance costs.

Method to extend the lifespan of COB light strips:

High quality brand selection: Choose COB light strips produced by well-known brands and reliable manufacturers to ensure product quality and lifespan.

Appropriate use environment: COB light strip performs best in indoor environment, and it shall not be used in humid, high temperature or corrosive gas environment.

Correct use and maintenance: Follow the instructions for using COB light strips to avoid frequent switching and excessive use. Regularly clean and maintain COB light strips to maintain good heat dissipation and light output.

Stable power supply: Use a stable power supply voltage and current to avoid damage to LED chips caused by overvoltage or overcurrent.

COB light strips are a reliable long-term lighting solution, providing users with a more durable lighting experience over their long lifespan. Choosing high-quality COB light strips correctly, using and maintaining them reasonably, will bring long-term energy-saving and efficient lighting effects to your lighting plan.

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